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Being empathetic sucks sometimes

This is one of my daughter Morgan's drawings. But she heard the news yesterday from her Art teacher who has taught her so much will be leaving to move out west. But morgan has been completely devistated since she has heard the news. And i've been empathetic and feeling so sad. But you should add her instagram Sphyniacat if you have an account. Or if you want my facebook name you can follow me on there as i post her drawings.

Am I just being rediculous?

But the manager that is over Jasons department decides to text him last night and tell him that it was so boring at work. I am sorry I know I can be over jealous but I don't like the fact that after what has gone on with him and the chick that is only 8 years older then my daughter Morgan that some other chick is making casual conversation with him.

Can't help but think about the saying once a cheater always a cheater. :(

Feeling so anxious today...

SO we went to the appointment for Connor Monday and all it was a family counselor that talked to all of us and he told us that he was going to call around to try and find a Dr that will help diagnose him. He is supposed to call today or we are to call him if we don't hear from him by a certain time. He couldn't understand why the school system just didn't put him in special ed themselves since we had did the aspergers test ourselves and he scored 115 and scored a 85 with his teacher. The highest you could score on that test was a 75. The school psychologist told us that all we would have to do was take him to a regular doctor and they would be able to diagnose him. She is such an idiot!!

And Morgan got so upset when the kids that stands with them while they wait on the bus were making fun of Connor yesterday. Connor being socially immature doesn't really know how to talk to other kids and he was asking them if they wanted to have a staring contest with him and then they would keep making fun of him saying Hey Connor want to have a staring contest with me. And of course there is this one girl desiree that stands down there and this one boy was telling connor that she wanted to go out with him. But Morgan let the one nice boy know this morning that Connor has issues and that she would appreciate it if he would maybe mention it to his brother and the others to leave Connor alone.

It's so funny though that Morgan had a hard time making it to the bus on time in 6th grade but Connor made it to the bus just fine yesterday. Even got there before she did.

I will say that I do enjoy my quiet time so I can watch movies that I want to watch without them being here. And with that note I am back to watching my movie I want to watch.

A new beginning and an end...

So I haven't posted lately because Jason was off and then the kids went back to school yesterday. It was a new beginning for Connor he started the 6th grade. We actually stayed and watched him climb on the bleachers then be called to the cafeteria to see what teacher he would get. He actually got a teacher that taught Morgan. He actually would love to stay in regular classes but I don't see that happening. Once it gets too hard for him he will loose control and just lay down in the floor. He always does good at the beginning of the school years and then it goes sour. We have an appointment Monday with pathways and they do behavior tests so maybe we will be able to get down to the bottom of if he has asperger's syndrome or not. If I can really help it I would rather him be in special classes in school because I am so scared of those medications you put them on to help control their behavior.

Morgan started an ending with going into the 8th grade. I hate that she still has some hateful girls in her class. She forgot to put her belt in a loop and one of the mean girls say outloud to another girl. "I feel so sorry for her." I don't get it as to why some kids have to bother the quiet good kids. Morgan is sad that her middle school teacher coach woods is gone now. He taught her last year and she had this huge crush on him. But we were hoping we would be able to get a recommendation from him to be able to get her into this one high school we want to get her into. But now it looks like we will have to find two other teachers to give her recommendations.

It's tax free weekend but I am not about to go out in that craziness to go shopping. We had went ahead and got most of the kids school stuff the week before. And then what stuff that Morgan's teachers decided to add to the list we went and got last night. And we are done now and hope that no other stuff is asked for.

So today is going to be spent watching movies.
I can't help but stay mad because my hubs was talking to this other chick that he works with that is only 8 years older then Morgan. But Here is where is started...One night he got a phone call on his cell phone he takes off to our bedroom and stupid me thinks nothing of it. Well about 5 or 10 minutes later he walks back out here and I hear a chick clear as day say "Where are you?" And he told her I am in the living room. And I asked him who it was and he lies to me and tells me that it was Eric at work. And I was oblivious to it all.

Anyway a short time later I get this feeling that something was going on and so I check our verizon cell phone account and find out that he and this one number had been texting like CRAZY. So I call him and ask him about it and he comes home and tells me that it was a old guy friend that had worked at lowes. And I end up finding out that it was indeed a chick and of course I ask him if he will stop talking to her and he tells me that he can't guarantee that. So of course instead of working things out with me he leaves and calls her and talks to her for 42 minutes. And he ends up coming back home but still keeps acting weird so I end up going through his facebook archived messages and find out that he had even had the balls to add her to his facebook. But It all was going on last year but I still can't get over it. But it all started out with her asking him if he was working one night and he tells her yeah I am here right now and she tells him "Yay" And then it goes on a couple of days later to her asking him had he thought about kissing her the one night they worked together and he tells her he was kicking himself for not trying.

And of course him telling her that she was mysterious and that he could probably get anything out of her and she asked him if he had any fantasies and he tells her well sure but everyone has their secrets that they don't want to share. And she tells him you are he good and he tells her that "if only he was that good" He had told me that he told her that we had a great sex life. If we did why was he telling he telling her if only. And around november of last year she had asked him what he had been up to and he tells her that we had went and picked up the pictures that we had made at walmart of the kids(Pictures I can't even stand to look at)But she tells him that she had been cleaning and baking all day and she said she looked bad and he tells her that she was sexy and beautiful. And all the while we were fighting still while it was going on. But supposedly around christmas he had stopped talking to her but he was still wanting to stay over at work even when he had been told to go. But I start to calm down a little. But again around January I got that feeling again so I decided to check his email because I had blocked her myself on facebook. And the damn idiot had given her his email address and the bitch had told him that he should come see her at work without me.

I mean the bitch still works at lowes. Wouldn't it upset you too if the temptation was still around???


So we have had this car in our backyard that was intended for me but it has a lean on it. So it's just been sitting in the backyard for the past maybe 4 or 5 years. So this guy that has a brother that lives behind us jumped our fence yesterday to come talk to us about it. Jason went and told him that he could just have it. We just want it out of our backyard. So the guy had said he wanted to check it out. So I told him wait a minute while Jason was talking to him and I went to go find the keys. The guy just walks right on into my freaking house. Without being invited!!! So I know if our game systems go missing I might have an idea who stole them. But back to the point the guy goes and looks at the car and said he would come back later with more gas for it since it was sitting on E. He comes back and rings my doorbell 2 times and I open my door to look for him. Had a hard time open the door because he had left his freaking gas can on my top porch step so the damn gas gets knocked over. And he is sitting there yelling "Oh No My gas pick it up". I am thinking you damn idiot why would you put it on my porch steps knowing that I would open the door.

So he goes back there and puts gas in and puts a battery he bought to put on it. I can tell you right now. The battery cables on that car are pretty old and messed up. So he puts the battery on and it keeps acting like it wants to start up. But it just wont fire up. But the guy says you do know it has over 200,000 miles on it. Yeah dude but I didn't drive the damn car it was given to us. He is getting the car for free don't bitch about it. It's a 1994 toyota camery and it looks pretty good except for paint peeling off the hood. He had said he was going to come over at 8 this morning. Here it is 8:30 and he isn't here yet. If I had known that I would slept in a little bit longer. Didn't sleep to good because jason was tossing and turning last night because his foot constantly hurts him anymore from walking around on concrete for 15 years at lowes.

I just want the stupid car out of my backyard. I don't care if that guy takes and sells it off for parts.

Anyway I am off to grab something to eat. Watch him show up while I am eating. That always seems to hapen to me.

So Connor will be 6 years old tommorrow...

My babies are growing up too fast. We don't usually have a big party for my 2 they would rather go out to eat. And my family on my dads side is too stuck up to even come. And my mom lives 400 miles away and so does my brother so they wont come. Although my mom does at least send my kids 25$ to spend.

I got connor an outfit and this http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=1-2/qid=1190205781/ref=sr_1_2/602-2046654-6611802?ie=UTF8&asin=B0007YDDS0
I was going to give him a gameboy game but due to his behavior at school he can't have it back until christmas. My mom in law got him this v-tech laptop thing that I think he will like. He wants to go to Ihop to eat for his birthday. Dunno why but we will take him whever he wants to go. I think my dad might end up coming because my step mom asked me if we were going to have him a birthday party and I told her our plans and she asked me what time we are going.

I already got my kids halloween costumes too Connor is going to be the black muscle spiderman and Morgan is going to be a gothic vampira. I got some black and silver press on nails just for little girls. lol I wanted to get the costumes now because if I wait too long they get picked over. I was looking to see if they had any cool makeup for morgan yesterday this woman was down the haloween isle and she kept saying over and over again I HATE HALLOWEEN.

Anyway There are more things to do around here.
*hugs to all*

How Cute ^^

I went and got Morgan & Connor Happy Feet today. That was the cutest movie I had seen in a while.

I also got myself Children Of Men...What can I say Clive Owen is a HOTTIE!! lol but I am so hoping that it is good. I am kinda bad at buying movies when I haven't seen them yet. I bought Pulse with some of the money my mom had given me for christmas and I was sorely dissapointed.

I love Best Buys little 5.99 deals on movies. We have bought quite a few movies to build on my movie collection.

I washed the car today and guess what it is doing outside...raining I find it funny that sometimes when you do that it will most likely rain.

I guess I am going to go watch Children Of Men now and hope that I didn't waste money on it.


I went to the doc yesterday and I have an upper respitory infection. The doctor told me that I have tons of infection in my body because my white blood cell count was so extremely high. SO I started taking my antibiotics yesterday and today I can already feel some improvement. Morgan only had a fever no infection in her body. So I guess she finally got over it. But now connor is sick with it I think. He was running a 100.7 fever last night. Giving him tylenol melt aways like crazy to try and keep his fever down.

We already have our rooms booked for disneyworld. My sis in law went through a travel agent and she booked everything for us. I guess that it is stupid that I am 30 years old and excited about going to disney. I am doing this for my kids because it's something my mom and dad never even thought about doing for me and my brother.

My mom told me last week that my step brother and his wife are expecting....And then tells me taht my step dad will get to see his grandchild all the time and she doesn't even get to see morgan and connor. She is the one that moved so far away. No one told her to move that far away from me. I miss having her here with me. We use to be really close. But she always puts the men in her life first before me. And my dad is so busy with my step mom and my step brother and my half sister that he could give a crap about me. He has done so much for my step brother and half sister. I remember a time that me, my dad, & my step mom went to a concert and I wanted a t-shirt and I had to spend my lunch money that my mom would give me on the t-shirt. I went a week without lunch at school.

Anyway I am going to get up and do some cleaning and disinffecting around here to try and rid the house of some germs.

Even if I have to go alone...

I am going to see Silent Hill tommarrow. I love the silent hill video games even if they do scare the crap out of me when I sometimes play them.